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'Roseanne' Renewed For Another Season Following MASSIVE Ratings For Premiere

This was a no brainer......but.....

Yours truly is torn.

Following this past Tuesday's return of 'Roseanne', ABC made the pretty easy decision to renew the show for another season.

The shows now 11th season bowed in with a massive 18.4 million viewers, surpassing what ABC had initially projected.

But here's the real news:

All of this comes on the heels of the public reaction to President Trump calling and congratulating series star Roseanne Barr, as well as her very public persona. The Republican has made no secret of her love of Trump, and has since been very vocal via her Twitter and social media.

She's even gone so far as to attack the survivor of the Parkland shooting, David Hogg in a now deleted tweet. There's also a NY Times story recounting how ABC execs met the following morning after Trump's win to figure out a way to play to his voters.


'Dawson's Creek' Reunion: 20 Years Later

These covers are EVERYTHING.....

But there's one that is near and ear to my heart, but I'll get to that.

The cast of 'Dawson's Creek' reunited for 'Entertainment Weekly' in honor of the shows 20th anniversary.

The fab four of James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams all graced the cover of the magazine. They were joined by other stars Busy Phillips, Kerr Smith, Meredith Monroe and Mary Beth Peil in the accompanying photo spread.

Each of the fab four however, received their own cover......with one twist:

James, Katie and Joshua all went solo, but Michelle opted to have her real life BFF Busy join her for her cover slot. It's bringing back ALL SORTS of emotions to see Michelle and Busy together on the cover together. Absolutely LOVE IT.

You can see all the covers, and group shots below:

'Will & Grace' Revival Renewed For Season 3.....AHEAD Of Season 2!!

Our fab 4 aren't going anywhere!!

In an amazing move, NBC has announced that, while 'Will & Grace' will see additional episodes added to season 2, it's always been renewed for a 3rd season!!

There are still currently 2 episodes left of the revival's 1st season, and the show was already picked up for next season. Then comes the amazing news that we're getting a THIRD season!

This now puts the revival up to 52 episodes when everything is added together. Season 1 will clock in at 13 episodes, season 2 has now been upped from 13 to 18, and season 3 will deliver another 18!

Who's excited for more 'Will & Grace'??

Louisa Johnson Drops Banger "YES"!!!

Get into this!!!

You may not know Louisa Johnson, but the singer won season 12 of the UK 'X Factor', and while she's always consistently delivered bops, she's gone dropped her best yet!
'Yes' is a sure fire hit for Louisa, which takes us straight to the dance floor. The instant earworm of a chorus is contagious immediately, her vocals soar, and it's somewhat reminiscent of Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty'. 
Check it out: 

'RuPaul's Drag Race' All Stars 3: Your Champion Is.....


That happened.

Tonight marked the end of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' All Stars 3, and yours truly has quite a bit to say.....

It's not exactly going to be positive.

In a finale that saw Trixie Mattel crowned champion, it took us awhile to get there. With plenty of drama. And some bullshit new format courtesy of Mama Ru.

After a bit of a rocky & uneven season that saw BenDelaCreme bow out after being the clear front runner for the crown, the final 4 of Shangela, Bebe Zahara Benet, Kennedy Davenport, and Trixie Mattel battled it out.

The queens took part in an epic music video extravaganza set to RuPaul's 'Kitty Girl', but that wasn't the big shocker of the episode.

RuPaul revealed that the eliminated queens would return for one final time, judging the final 4 and making the decision as to WHO would make top 2.

There lies our issue.

Let's be real:

Along with Dela, Shangela was the front runner this season, and while Trixie had the fan base, …

MNEK Brings Next Level Fierceness To 'Tongue' Music Video

Once in a while, a pop star will deliver something so incredible, that it truly makes me realize why I love music so much.

And then they go and add to that with a damn KILLER of a visual!!!
MNEK had yours truly sweating with the release of his brand new single 'Tongue', and he isn't letting up. 
The video finds the singer/producer fully embracing his sexuality and giving us one HELL of a visual in the process. I mean, that hot pink ensemble had me already sold!! 
Check it out: 

'RuPaul's Drag Race' All Stars 3 Recap: The Show Must Go On


After last weeks shocking self-elimination of BenDelaCreme, the brand new top 5 of  'RuPaul's Drag Race' All Stars 3 continued to make their way to the crown.

Bebe Zahara Benet, Trixie Mattel, Kennedy Davenport, Shangela, and the newly returned Morgan McMichaels were set to face another challenge, but would the show feel different without Dela's presence?

After a surprise appearance from Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, the queens were instructed by Ru to warm up their acting chops. They would be taking part in a mix of drama/comedy with a sketch called "My Best Squirrelfriend's Dragmaids Wedding Trip"!

Say that 5 times fast.

Taken their directing cues from Ross Matthews, there were obvious signs of trouble right out the gate, and those signs came in the forms of Bebe and Morgan. While Shangela and Trixie were shining (and Kennedy was.....fine), the other two queens were having a rocky time with their approach to their characters and making it funny.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' All Stars 3 Recap: The Return Of A Queen

This ain't no usual recap folks.

Last nights 'RuPaul's Drag Race' All Stars 3 delivered quite possibly the biggest shock in the shows run, so that's pretty much what we're going to talk about.

Everyone knew this episode of 'Drag Race' was going to give us a returning queen, but what we didn't know of course, is how it would play out.

When the winning lip sync came down to Bebe Zahara Benet and (once again) Ben Delacreme, we found out that decision from Dela:

In a full story arc move, Dela brought first eliminated queen Morgan McMichaels back into the competition. But, the big shock was yet to come. Dela still had to eliminate a top All Star.....

With a smile on her face, Dela simply said:

" the easiest choice I have had to make the entire season" and with that, Dela revealed she had written over the lipstick with whiteout, putting her own name.

"I'm going home".

As a 5 challenge winner, Dela sending herself home b…

MNEK Serves Up His Hottest Offering Yet: Check Out 'Tongue' HERE!

I......almost have no words.

Producer/songwriter/powerhouse vocalist MNEK has returned to gift us all with a brand new track, and we haven't exactly recovered after first listen.

MNEK has always delivered on the house banger front, but there is something so different (yet staying so much in his lane) about his newest single 'Tongue'.

The house beats have returned, his signature vocals shining as per usual, but you're not truly prepared for what that chorus hits......

The incredibly talented 23 year old unleashes a spoken word chorus that chalks this track up to the best pop release of 2018 so far.

But don't stop there.

Because the track keeps growing, and doesn't let up!!!

I'm ready for his 3rd album.