Saturday, 5 August 2017

MUST WATCH: Idina Menzel Blown Away By Young Boy Who Belts Out 'Let It Go'


Idina Menzel was given quite the shock, while performing in Grand Prairie, Texas last weekend, and it all came in the form of  a young boy named Luke.

Idina welcomed a group of young kids to join her onstage, and pointed Luke out as being the only boy. She then asked him if she knew what song she was about to sing.

"'Let It Go', obviously. What kind of question is that?" he responded, to thunderous applause from the audience. When Idina told him that most boys that join her onstage dislike the 'Frozen' song, Luke fired back:

"Heck to the no" and "I'm offended!"


Check out his powerhouse performance, which even got a request from Menzel for an encore!!

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