Friday, 21 July 2017

Shania Twain Lays It All Out With Emotional New Track "Poor Me"

Putting this out there:

I've never seen my country queen open up so much.....and it breaks my heart......but this song?


Shania Twain is gearing up to finally release her brand new studio album 'Now' (September 29th), and following the catchy 'Life's About To Get Good', the legendary country singer is switching things up.

And she's doing so in heartbreaking fashion.

'Poor Me' is the extremely personal track many of us thought would be included on the album, but maybe not released. The track references Shania's heartbreak with her husband leaving her with her then best friend.

Lyrics such as I know it should get better/ Oh, but it never does/ I wish he’d never met her/ Then everything would be the way it was…and "Poor me this/ Poor me that/ Why do I keep/ Looking back?/ Poor me this/ Poor me that/ It’s not white/ It’s not black/ Grey’s the colour/ That I see/ Still can’t believe/ He’d leave me/ To love her,”

Shania is OPENING UP. 

Check it out: 

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