Monday, 24 July 2017

Prince William & Prince Harry Open Up About Losing Their Mother Princess Diana

They pain they must have felt.

With the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death approaching (August 31), her sons Prince William and Prince Harry are opening up about her like never before. 

In the new documentary 'Diana, Our Mother: Her Life & Legacy', the royals discuss life without her, their last conversations with her, and the heartbreaking fact they hadn't seen her in nearly a month. 

Prince Harry spoke with two landmine victims, who were a few of the last that Diana spoke with before her tragic death: 

Harry says to them: 

“You guys were the almost the last people to see my mother,” 

“Well, you saw my mother more recently than I did, I guess.”

The boys revealed they had been in Scotland with their father Prince Charles, in the weeks leading up to Diana's passing. 

“There was the point where our parents split and . . . we never saw our mother enough or we never saw our father enough,”

“There was a lot of traveling and lot of fights on the back seat with my brother – which I would win…There was all that to contend with. And – I don’t pretend we’re the only people to have to deal with that, but it was an interesting way of growing up.”

You can watch some clips from the HBO doc below including Harry sitting down with Elton John, William discussing raising George and Charlotte without Diana, and more: 

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