Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Andrew Garfield Clarifies 'Gay Without Physical Act' Comment

He should have addressed this sooner, but whatever.

Andrew Garfield raised a lot of eyebrows when he made a comment about practically being "a gay man without the physical act". He followed that up with clarifying that he wasn't gay though. Many in the LGBTQ community blasted the actor for his words.

Speaking now with BBC, Andrew, who is starring in the London production of 'Angels in America', said his words were taken out of context:

“That’s of course not what I meant at all,” 

“That discussion was about this play and how deeply grateful I am that I get to work on something so profound. It’s a love letter to the LGBTQ community. We were talking about, ‘How do you prepare for something so important and so big?’ and I was basically saying, ‘I dive in as fully as I possibly can.'”

“My only longing is to serve and to keep the world spinning forward for the LGBTQ community in whatever way I’m meant to,”

 “It’s important to a community that I feel so welcomed by. The intention [in my comments] was to speak to that, speak to my desire to play this part to the best of my ability and to fully immerse myself in a culture that I adore.”

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