Wednesday, 26 July 2017

'American Idol' Judges Update: Lionel Richie & Charlie Puth Front-Runners; Luke Bryan & Keith Urban Also Being Discussed

So, sounds like Nikki Sixx is officially out of the running.

And Keith could return!?

According to new reports, we're now learning who could join Katy Perry at the judges table for the upcoming rebooted 'American Idol'.

As from the beginning, Lionel Richie is a front-runner for producers, and now we're learning that pop star Charlie Puth is also a major contender. Sources are saying that offers could be fielded this week.

Now, IF Puth and Richie fall flat, there are other contenders in the mix:

Country superstar Luke Bryan was said to have impressed during early discussions, and even former judge Keith Urban could slide back in.

Whomever joins the show will be joining Perry as well as the returning Ryan Seacrest.

Stay tuned.

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