Friday, 23 June 2017

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Grand Finale Recap: America's Next Drag Superstar Is.....

Shall we get right to the point?

Well, after a long and fought out (and much criticized) 9th season of 'RuPaul's Drag Race', Ru finally crowned the winning queen.

After some fierce lips syncs, which we'll get into more in depth, the America's Next Drag Superstar is.....

Sasha Velour!!!

It was one HELL of a night getting there, with 3 EPIC lip sync performances for the ages. As you can see from the above GIF, the remaining queens went into battle with one another:

Sasha squared off against Shea to the tune of 'So Emotional' by Whitney Houston, and in a stunning display, Sasha of course reigned supreme. Of course, the reveal of the rose petals and the wig/petals reveal?


Then you had Peppermint vs Trinity, and while many thought Trinity was turning it out and secured a spot against Sasha, a last minute flawless wig/dress reveal combo took Peppermint to the finals.


Once again, our reigning queen of season 9 brought an extra level of ferocity to her lip sync and unfortunately, Peppermint's lip sync skills weren't enough.

Are you guys satisfied with who won?

Were you Team Sasha or another queen?



  1. Um....

    ...why did you mention "Shea vs. Sasha" TWICE?

    Shouldn't it be "Peppermint.....VS.....Sasha." before the final paragraph???

  2. What the hell happened to the videos???

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    2. I can still see them.