Saturday, 24 June 2017

PopGoesTheArts Presents: Our Picks For 'RuPaul's Drag Race' All Stars 3

Hey, so what if season 9 just ended.....and we'll probably get season 10 before that......

Yours truly has been waiting to do this!!!

With last nights crowning of Sasha Velour as the season 9 winner, it got yours truly thinking even more about who should be included in 'All Stars 3'.

Who do we think has the potential to stand alongside Chad Michaels and Alaska?

So, here are our 10 picks!!

Trixie Mattel

It was the gift of season 7 that we got not once, but twice.

Trixie has proven to have the standings of a long reigning queen and should be given an opportunity to shine once again. This is the queen I would have my eyes on in All Stars 3. It simply needs to happen.

Shea Coulee 

Many cried foul during last nights lip sync battle, because many of us banked on Shea to win the competition after pretty much nailing every challenge. However, we need to remember it's a competition right to the end, and Sasha outperformed Shea.

That's just giving Shea the boost she needs to win AS3. She would be a formidable contender once again, and in my opinion, the competition would be Trixie vs Shea.

Adore Delano 

C'mon now.....our beloved Adore needs to be given another chance after falling apart in All Stars 2, am I right?

Thorgy Thor 

When Thorgy fell to Chi Chi in their season 8 lip sync, many were upset that she was eliminated so early, yours truly included. Thorgy's lovable personality, matched with her comedic timing and fierce runway looks really made her a standout that season. Given a 2nd opportunity, could she make it all the way to the top?

Laganja Estranja

Look, this needs to happen plain and simple.

Our beloved pot smoking, death dropping, YES GAWD popping Laganja was always fierce competition, it just didn't pan out properly in season 6. Given a 2nd opportunity could do wonders for her and we'd be all for it.....

Even if it led to another HERStorical moment like her Untucked meltdown.



Ongina was an explosive, fierce queen from the second she hit the main stage and yours truly really wants the show to go all the way back to its roots and bring her back.

Ivy Winters 

This is the only other season 5 queen they could bring back after pretty much having the entire cast back for AS2. It's time to give Ivvvvvvyyyyyyyyyy Winters a second chance.

Ben DeLa Creme

Another Miss Congeniality that needs to come back!!

The fandom pretty much erupted when Darienne Lake beat DeLa in their lip sync, forcing her out of the Top 4. Given another round, DeLa could be a pretty strong contender for the crown.


You know this is going to happen. Just deal with it.

Joslyn Fox 

Yours truly really came to love Joslyn on season 6, and would LOVE to see her back in all of her goofy glory. And c'mon, who didn't love this?

So there you have it.

I'm very well aware there are MANY memorable queens that could make their return to the show, which means....


Tell me who YOU want to see back for AS3 and if you agree with some of my picks!!


  1. All I want is for both "Trinitys" (spelling?) - K. Bonet & Taylor - to pop up here. It's all that I'm wishing for.

    1. How can I forget my beloved Chi Chi? If there's a chance to witness a lip sync between her & Kennedy Davenport (follow me on this, OK, henny?), All Stars 3 is THAT chance.

  2. Where's Lineysha Sparx in this list?