Friday, 30 June 2017

Legendary Actress Olivia de Havilland Sues FX & Ryan Murphy Over 'Feud: Bette & Joan' Portrayal

Well......ain't this a fine HOW DO YOU DO!!

Legendary actress Olivia de Havilland, who celebrates her 101st birthday tomorrow (July 1st), is firing back at Ryan Murphy and FX for their portrayal of her in the series 'Feud: Bette & Joan'.

In the show, Olivia is played by Oscar winner Catherine Zeta Jones, and in a statement from her attorney, de Havilland says:

“All statements made by Zeta-Jones as Olivia de Havilland in this fake interview are completely false, some inherently so; others false because they were never said,” 

“FX defendants did not engage in protected First Amendment speech in putting false words into the mouth of Olivia de Havilland in a fake interview that did not occur and would not have occurred.”

“Zeta-Jones’ de Havilland refers to Joan Fontaine as her ‘bitch sister,’ an offensive term that stands in stark contrast with Olivia de Havilland’s reputation for good manners, class and kindness,”

The statement also details how Olivia was NEVER asked her input on the series, which she found strange considering she is the only one still alive. 

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