Monday, 26 June 2017

DeMario Jackson Details What Happened With Corinne During 'Bachelor In Paradise'

He's trying to set the record straight.

DeMario Jackson is speaking out in a new interview with E! News about what went down between himself and Corinne Olympios while they filmed 'Bachelor in Paradise'.

Jackson started off talking about how he and Corinne connected during filming initially because they were both portrayed as villains during their respective seasons of 'The Bachelor'.

 "We were kind of just laughing, like, ‘Oh, we’re about to dominate Paradise!’ Like homie stuff, like really, really like friends. And then, you know, we started having a little bit more fun…and had a few drinks,"

He continued that things got "hot and heavy" and that they "made out at the bar" before moving to the pool. 

Watch what else DeMario has to say below:

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