Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Burt Ward Remembers Co-Star Adam West: "I Loved Him"

Such a devastating loss. 

While Hollywood still mourns legendary Batman star Adam West, his former co-star Burt Ward, who played Robin alongside him in the series from 1966-1968, is now speaking out.

“He never felt he’d missed out," 

 “He knew that ‘Batman’ meant something to people. Having people stand in line for hours to see you [at events like Comic-Con] — it’s not such a bad thing.”

Ward and West remained close friends for a very long time, and Ward recalled when they first met on set. He said they clicked "within 30 seconds" of working alongside each other. Over the course of their 50+ year friendship, they would often attend events side by side. Their families also became very close. 

Finally, closing off his statement, Ward said: 

“He was just somebody who was fun to be around,” 

“I loved him.”

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