Sunday, 25 June 2017

'American Idol' Update: Lionel Richie Nearly A Lock; Seacrest Not Confirmed

Well....things aren't looking good for Ryan Seacrest....but looking up for Lionel Richie.

We previously broke a story that the rebooted 'American Idol' wanted the legendary Lionel Richie as a judge to join Katy Perry, and we're now confirming that meets have taken place.

Lionel met with producers last week, and it's being reported that he is very interested in the gig.

Now, about Ryan Seacrest?

We had also previously reported that he was near done his contract negotiations, but there is reportedly a snag. While Ryan and AI have come to terms on money, there are reports he's asking for an executive producer title.....

And the show is resisting.

Stay tuned.

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