Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Taylor Hicks Throws Shade At Chris Daughtry: Says A Winner Should Be Judging 'American Idol'

Someone a little jealous that they weren't approached?

Sounds like it.

As of right now, Katy Perry is the only announced judge for the upcoming revival of 'American Idol', but other names are being thrown around.

One of those names is season 5 contestant Chris Daughtry......and season 5 winner Taylor Hicks has a problem with that.

Speaking out about the casting possibility, Taylor said:

"I think a winner should be [a judge], personally,” 

“Because, what you go through to win the show is a lot different than what you go through when you’re third or fourth, you know, or fifth. Or tenth. If they were going to have a judge that’s from the show, if they’re going to have someone from the show who was actually a contestant, I would feel like a winner would be the best suited.”

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