Sunday, 28 May 2017

Ryan Seacrest May Not Sign On To 'American Idol'.....Because Of Katy Perry's Paycheck!!

Well, we did say how shocked we were over how much they were paying her!!

It was previously revealed that ABC and 'American Idol' paid a whopping $25 million to score Katy Perry for the revival, and now we're learning that may have consequences.

According to reports, Ryan was (and still possibly is) very close to signing his deal to return for what would be his 16th season, but after finding out the offer, and what Katy is making?

He may decide against it!

Sources close to 'Idol' reveal that ABC is offering Ryan just over $10 million, but considering he made $15 million for the final season, that would be peanuts.

Ryan is reportedly upset at the offer from ABC, questioning why he would return to a program, only to be paid less than a newcomer judge like Katy.

Stay tuned.

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