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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Recap: The Library Is Open!

Oh it's that GLORIOUS time once again, because in this weeks episode of 'RuPaul's Drag Race', not only was the main challenge another roast....

We got our mini challenge:

What came as a huge surprise to yours truly, was how funny Valentina was. Her reads were funny, and she had me laughing out loud. Of course, Farrah bombed, and Nina reused an old joke from Latrice in season 4:

Finally, Ru announced Valentina the winner of the mini challenge and then we were brought up to speed on the new roast....

Which would be focused on Michelle Visage!!!

The queens were all having a hard time in the workroom getting ready for the roast, which was worrying yours truly as to what we were going to get as the end result.

Majority of the queens rose to the occasion with some hilarious insults thrown at Michelle, Ross and Ru, as well as guest judges Fortune Feimster and Tamar Braxton. However, there were some catastrophic crashes from Alexis Michelle and Farrah Moan. Nina stayed committed to the character, which earns her some points.

Who do YOU think was the funniest?

Nina and Valentina were declared safe, while the judges critiqued the others. We were left with Farrah and Alexis in the bottom two. Following their lip sync, Ru sent.....

Farrah Moan packing!

We're down to 7 queens!!


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