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'Dancing With The Stars' Recap: Double Elimination

Well, have we all gotten the bad taste out of our mouths following last weeks TERRIBLE elimination of Heather and Maks?


Yeah, me neither.

'Dancing With the Stars' shocked everyone last week with Heather's exit, but we needed to move forward. We also had a very special judge on hand, choreographer Mandy Moore (No not the 'This Is Us' star!!) with Julianne Hough sitting this week out.

Tonight's theme was Movie Night, with the remaining couples dancing to famous songs from the big screen. However, it wasn't just a single elimination on deck....

It was a DOUBLE!!

Now here's the catch:

Normani and Val won the immunity challenge nabbing the only perfect score of the night, which means they weren't going anywhere! Following the dance offs, it was time to get to the eliminations.

The eliminated couples were:

Nancy and Artem
Nick and Peta

Let's recap the night shall we?

Simone Biles and Sasha - Charleston

Allow me to be blunt:

Hands down, my absolute FAVORITE dance of the entire season thus far!!!!

Simone and Sasha's silent film charleston was absolutely fantastic from start to finish, and I can't rave about this enough. It was fast, full of content, and Simone seemed so comfortable with this style. The tricks were landed perfectly!

Three 9's and a 10 from Carrie Ann!!

37 out of 40 

Normani Kordei and Val - Argentine Tango

Our beloved Fifth Harmony member continued to make her play for the Mirror Ball with a flawless tango that had yours truly's eyes LOCKED on the screen. The chemistry between the two was out of this world, and dare I say, their best yet?


40 out of 40

Nick Viall and Peta - Argentine Tango

Can someone tell me where Nick pulled this out of?!

This action packed Argentine tango was scorching hot, but for some odd reason the judges were picking the HELL out of it. They praised certain moments, but called out a lot of mistakes. I guess because I'm not a professional, I don't see them!

Two 8's and two 9's.

34 out of 40

Nancy Kerrigan and Artem - Tango

Putting a romantic spin on the tango, the pro figure skater absolutely NAILED this routine and yours truly was in love with it from start to finish. Aside from some nitpicking from the judges, they all loved it, awarding them four 9's!

36 out of 40

David Ross and Lindsay - Salsa 

This......wasn't good.

David really seemed stiff throughout the entire routine, only hitting the odd move here and there. The judges called it a lot of fun, but not the smoothest salsa either. They were awarded four 8's for their dance.

32 out of 40

Rashad Jennings and Emma - Paso Doble

Echoing what the judges have been saying the past few weeks:

Rashad is a DANCER!!

This horror themed Paso was terrifyingly BRILLIANT and how it didn't get a perfect score baffles me. Three 9's and a lone 10 from Mandy.

37 out of 40

Bonner Bolton and Sharna - Paso Doble

The western themed paso doble sounded like it would be right up the bull rider's alley, and he did a very good job. Was it an excellent paso? No, but it still worked very well. Most of the judges praised the routine, but Carrie Ann was the lone hold out, thinking he got lost within the content.

They awarded them three 7's and an 8 from Mandy.

29 put of 40 


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