Thursday, 6 April 2017

Stephen Belafonte Files Response To Mel B's Divorce.....And He Wants Spousal Support

Considering she has been able to secure a restraining order amid all of the allegations?


Stephen Belafonte has finally responded to Spice Girl Mel B's divorce, and he's asking for spousal support.

In Mel's papers that are already filed, she's refusing support, but he's asking her to pay his legal fees.

They are also disputing the date of the separation. While coming up with a plan to divide property, it's going to matter the date. He's claiming March 1st of 2017, while she's saying December of 2016.


Both of them are acknowledging property being on the line, which is suggesting there's no prenup, which also means he could be coming for some Spice Girl money.

One thing they DID agree with however, is joint legal and physical custody of their child. This has raised eyebrows, because if Stephen has been as violent as she's claiming, why would she want their daughter around him? Wouldn't she file for sole custody?

Let's see how this plays out.

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