Friday, 7 April 2017

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Recap: May The Best Princess Win

The race continue kittens!!!

Tonight's episode of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' saw the remaining queens take on their first sewing challenge, which is usually a turning point for at least one queen....

And it was proven correctly. But we'll get to that soon.

The main challenge for the episode was to create an original princess character along with a sidekick, that would be digitally enhanced to join them on stage.

Following Ru's instructions, the queens got to work, and now is the time for us to reveal who was going to be struggling:

Farrah Moan quickly revealed that she didn't know how to sew, and while Kimora Blac revealed the same, her confidence seemed to make up for it.

One of the highlights from the workroom was Kimora not understanding what an adjective was, and of all people to explain English to her?


I can't.


The drama got worse as Farrah continued to whine about struggling with sewing, and Eureka finally stepped in to help her.

Finally, before we made our way to the main stage, the queens discussed the tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Trinity revealed she had performed there a week prior, while Cynthia explained she was supposed to be there that night but had cancelled.

Runway takeaways:

Valentina and Trinity served the best overall looks combined with their sidekicks, while Farrah, Kimora and Aja flatlined. Eureka's sidekick was pretty funny, as was Sasha's, but the looks were flawed. Cynthia also had a strong showing this week.

Following the judges' deliberations, it was time to reveal who was in the bottom 2 and needed to lip sync for their life:

Kimora Blac and Aja, and by the end of the lip sync?

Aja proved her dominance!!!

This lip sync slaughtered and put last weeks to shame.

Absolutely INCREDIBLE.

What did you guys think of this weeks episode?

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