Friday, 21 April 2017

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Recap: Kardashian: The Musical

Allow our beloved Khloe Kardashian to sum this up:

Tonight's episode of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' brought the Kardashian girls to life, as the remaining queens performed in the 'Kardashian: The Musical' for their big maxi-challenge.

But what did that also mean?

For the first time this season, there was a mini challenge!!

The remaining queens had to bring their best selfie forward, by posing with 3 members of the Pit Crew (WHERE IS BRYCE?!).

The winner of the challenge was Alexis Michelle, who became the leader of the maxi challenge and had to assign the roles.

Alexis - Kris Jenner
Cynthia - Kim 
Farrah - Kylie
Valentina - Kendall
Eureka - North West
Shea - Blac Chyna
Peppermint - Britney Spears (Huh?)
Nina - Khloe
Aja - Kourtney
Sasha - Lindsay Lohan
Trinity - Paris Hilton

And after that HILARIOUS and AMAZING musical number?

Yours truly has some thoughts:

Shea, Alexis, and Peppermint SLAYED their moments, while Cynthia flatlined. The rest were just passable, at least according to yours truly.

The judges' critiques landed harshly against Farrah, Cynthia and once again, Nina.

The bottom two queens wound up being Cynthia and Farrah, and after a pretty ferocious lip sync, RuPaul had something else going on.

On the advice of Eureka's doctors (who was on crutches this week), Ru had no choice but to eliminate her, which meant Farrah and Cynthia were safe.

RuPaul openly invited Eureka to return for season 10 as well!!

Until NEXT WEEK Drag Race fans!!


  1. Question existing:

    Do you think that all of this was an excuse for RuPaul to go easy on Eureka for Season 10 (first open invitation in herstory!)?

  2. I was thinking that perhaps there might be a liability issue if she was allowed to continue. I know waivers are signed. Or was Eureka herself waiting for Ms. Paul to excuse her so that she would have an open invite to the next rotation.