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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Recap: Daytime Showdown

Serving their best morning talk show host realness?


'RuPaul's Drag Race' continued its lap towards crowning their 9th season queen, with another stellar episode that saw quite the shocking lip sync.

Following Kimora's elimination last week, the remaining queens were given their next challenge, and it was a doozy!

They were split into two groups (Trinity, Eureka, Peppermint, Cynthia, Charlie, and Nina VS Aja, Sasha, Shea, Alexis, Valentina, and Farrah) and would have to battle it out in morning talk show sketches.

Right off the bat, Trinity's team were already at each other's throats, as Eureka stepped on a lot of toes especially Trinity.

Meanwhile, the other team had their own problems, specifically Charlie and Cynthia working on their joint bit. The Cucu's English was lacking in a big way, and Charlie was trying desperately to fix it.

Let's break down each group:

Team Trinity

With Peppermint and Trinity at the helm, there were a few slips, but they got through the intro. Charlie and Cynthia flatlined, but Cynthia managed to use her quirkiness to save the routine. Seeing as Charlie was the professional, she completely fell apart in this challenge. 

Nina and Eureka dominated their own bit, with a hilarious take on padding using food. The chemistry between the two of them was off the charts. 

And then the ending? 


Charlie stepped in and cut off the interview with guest Naya Rivera when she noticed the teleprompter said the interview was over. However, the ending came across as unprofessional when neither queen signed off on the broadcast. 

Team Aja

Well, let's keep this real: 

Shea and Sasha absolutely slaughtered their bit, and had yours truly in stitches the entire time. Alexis and Farrah were fine as hosts, with great chemistry, but the problem? 

Aja and Valentina. 

They were stumbling over each other's lines, didn't seem to be on cue, and....let's keep this honest? 

Fucked up the ending. 

The interview with guest Naya Rivera was easily an episode highlight, as they all came together and managed to end on a high note.

In a great moment after the nighttime realness runway looks, RuPaul quickly revealed that Sasha and Shea were the winners of the challenge, as well, that Team Aja was safe!

Following the judges' critiques, it was obvious the two that would be in trouble would be Charlie and Trinity....

And it was just that!!

What came next was Trinity dominating the lip sync, as Charlie lethargically just stood there, barely mouthing the lyrics.

It was pretty obvious who was going home, and there was no question about it. Ru sent Charlie packing, and we're now down to 11.

What did you guys think of the episode?


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