Monday, 24 April 2017

'Dancing With The Stars' Recap: Murder On The Dance Floor

Tonight's 'Dancing with the Stars' finally saw Heather Morris reclaim her original partner, as Maks was finally cleared to return to the ballroom.

We also saw the return of season 21 runner-up Nick Carter, who joined as a guest judge for the Boy Band vs Girl Band episode.

Hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews had to reveal who was in the bottom throughout the episode though.

But who ultimately fell to the dreaded elimination?

Heather and Maks.....

Every season, there's always an elimination that STINGS....HURTS.....and....tonight was that night. I'm not sure what else to say.

Check out our recap of all of the dances: (excluding group dances)

Simone Biles & Sasha – Samba – “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child
Simone was riding high after last weeks powerful 'Moana' number, and while her samba was very good, there were a few missteps. Her solo at the beginning was strong, but she seemed to miss timing with Sasha a few times. Len picked up on the slight problem with timing (as did Bruno and Carrie Ann), but called it a great routine. Judges scored them three 9's and an 8 from Nick. 
35 out of 40
Bonner Bolton & Sharna – Rumba – “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys
We all know Bonner is struggling, and while we root for him, we have to keep this real. This didn't work completely. There were some nice moments between him and Sharna, but he really looked to be uncomfortable this week. Two 7's and two 8's from the judges. 
30 out of 40
Rashad Jennings & Emma – Tango – “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” by The Four Tops
Do you think we'll ever tire of Rashad's dancing?
Once again, Jennings and Emma did their damn THING in the ballroom, bringing their tango to life and we loved every second of it. I get so much joy out of this pairing. Three 9's and a 10 from Nick!
37 out of 40 
Nancy Kerrigan & Artem – Paso DoblĂ© – “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue
Nancy came to PLAY!!!!
The pro figure skater really turned up the heat with Artem, and this was one of yours truly's favorite dances of the night. This was hot, it was full of routine, and Nick's reaction to it was hilarious and great!! Three 8's and a 9 from Carrie Ann.
30 out of 40
Normani Kordei & Valentin – Salsa – “When I Grow Up” by The Pussycat Dolls
As per usual....
Normani FLEW around the dance floor courtesy of her partner and some of the other male pros, making this one of the best routines of the season!! 
And there's Grumpy Len with an 8, while the others awarded them 10's!!
38 out of 40
Heather Morris & Maks – Rumba – “Waterfalls” by TLC
Good to know Maks hasn't lost his touch!!
No offense to Alan, but this may be my favorite dance of Heather's throughout the whole season. This was romantic, full of choreography, and they looked like they hadn't missed a beat. Nick called it the dance of the night, PERFECT SCORE!
40 out of 40
David Ross & Lindsay – Argentine Tango – “I Want You Back” by *NSYNC
This may not have been David's strongest showing, but I applaud him for pulling off a more serious look. Yes, the landing on the lift looked a little rough, BUT HE DIDN'T DROP HER. 
Three 7's and an 8 from Nick!
29 out of 40
Nick Viall & Peta – Jive – “Fun, Fun, Fun” by The Beach Boys
This.....wasn't good. 
Nick has made a few steps throughout the competition, but tonight was a HUGE step backwards. The moves weren't flowing, he seemed choppy, and it was showing all throughout his face. Four 7's from the judges. 
28 out of 40 

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