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'Dancing With The Stars' Recap: It's VEGAS Baby!!

Time to roll the dice on your favorite couple!!

'Dancing With the Stars' continued its journey towards the Mirror Ball trophy tonight, with another jam-packed hour with a Las Vegas theme.

There were many stellar moments throughout the night, including the returning Derek Hough who joined sister Julianne for a performance from their new show. This was absolutely breathtaking, as the siblings dealt with their parents' divorce.

After a grueling night (with recaps below) the bottom two couple wound up being Charo & Keo and Nick & Peta.....

With Charo going home.

Let's get through these performance!!

1. Nick Viall and Peta - Tango

There's nothing more nerve wracking that kicking off the night, but Nick and Peta definitely delivered!!

Len picked up on the problems with his frame, but called it a huge improvement over last week. Bruno mentioned his foot placement, while Julianne and Carrie Ann enjoyed it.

They received two 6's and two 7's.

26 out of 40 

2. Mr T and Kym - Foxtrot 


I've spent the past few weeks trying desperately to find something about T and Kym's routines, and to speak positively about them.

While there was definitely more footwork this week as previous weeks, there's still too much work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, he's just not on the level as everyone else. The judges were a nicer this week with their comments though, which is good for him.

They received four 6's from the judges.

24 out of 40 

3. Bonner Bolton and Sharna - Charleston

It appears our cowboy finally hit a snag.

In the pre-performance package, Sharna got a harsh dose of reality with having to deal with Bonner's injuries.

They had to keep the dance somewhat slower, because Bonner couldn't do half the moves in the catalogue of the Charleston. Bonner definitely brought his own flavor, and the judges commended him for that, but as a whole, it couldn't really have the full impact it needed.

The judges awarded them four 6's, which is quite the drop after last week.

24 out of 40 

4. Heather Morris and Alan - Tango

Heather once again channeled Britney Spears as she and Alan took on the dance floor once again, as Maks was forced to sit out another week. Maks did inform us he could be back soon....

But, screw that.....


Heather and Alan brought everything to their tango, and absolutely nailed the routine from start to finish. Heather is showing she can nail ballroom just like any other moves.

Crazy good!!

Three 8's and a 9 from Carrie Ann, the first one of the season!!

33 out of 40

5. Charo and Keo - Foxtrot

You know what?

I liked this!!!

Charo seemed to float around on the dance floor, and if I had any critique at all? It would simply be her dress, and I couldn't see her feet.

Do you think they medicated Charo?

I'm kidding.....kind of.

The judges all enjoyed the routine, although they did pick up on a few tiny problems.

Keo and Charo received four 6's from the judges.

24 out of 40 

6. Simone Biles and Sasha - Quickstep 

This routine....felt weird.

While many may have thoroughly enjoyed this, including the judges, yours truly felt a little underwhelmed. The routine was fun, but I didn't really feel anything for it. Carrie Ann brought a lift into question but she seemed to be the only one.

The scores varied with a 7 from Carrie Ann, 8's from Bruno and Len....and a 9 from Julianne!!

32 out of 40

7. Nancy Kerrigan and Artem - Samba

This was what I needed from Nancy!!

All of a sudden, Nancy pulled out a sassy side of herself, and it was so much fun to witness. Her footwork was on point, her moves were great, and she completely reinvented herself in week 3. The judges applauded her for it, with Len and Julianne calling it the best dance of the season!


Three 8's AND A 9 from Len!!

33 out of 40

8. David Ross and Lindsay - Jazz

I will never be able to watch the pre-performance package without laughing!


David and Lindsay brought their best 'Magic Mike' forward, and our World Series champion went all in!!

While there wasn't much to the routine itself, David looked to be having a lot of fun, with Lindsay along for the ride.

The judges gave them all of the props, which honestly shocked me because I thought Len would have hated it.

Three 8's and a 7 from Len, their highest score of the season so far!

31 out of 40 

9. Erika Jayne and Gleb - Jive

This was FUN!!

The beloved 'Real Housewife' turned out quite another stunner of a routine, but Len and Julianne picked up on a couple wobbly parts with Erika losing her placement. They enjoyed it, but felt she lost her place a few times.

Once again though, unfortunately Carrie Ann knocked them for a lift at the beginning of the routine, which seemed unnecessary.

Both Carrie and Bruno graded them 6's and 7's from Len and Julianne.

26 out of 40. 

10. Rashad Jennings and Emma - Samba

Could they keep their position at the top of the leader board??

Not looking likely.

Julianne started off by saying the song choice (new Jason DeRulo) through them off, and Bruno picked up on that saying it wasn't precise.

Carrie Ann mentioned his transitions with moves was off too, with Len ending the brutal critiques calling it flat footed. However, Len still enjoyed it.

Scores were four 7's.

28 out of 40 

11. Normani Kordei and Val - Foxtrot

Place your money HERE!!!

The Fifth Harmony member closed the show on a MONSTER of a note, with one of the hottest routines I've ever seen on this show. Normani oozed sex, sensuality and ART.

Carrie Ann and Len nitpicked, but all of the judges loved the routine!!

Two 8's and two 9's, giving them the highest score of the night!!

34 out of 40


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