Saturday, 4 March 2017

One Direction Member Louis Tomlinson ARRESTED After Altercation With Paparazzi At Airport

What a nightmare.

Louis Tomlinson and girlfriend Eleanor Calder were involved in an altercation with a paparazzi member today, that resulted in Louis being arrested for battery.

Complete details are cloudy, but Louis attempted to intervene when the camera man got too close to Eleanor, but even after she walked away, he continued to snap shots. When a struggle ensued, it was reported that Louis fell backwards and took the man down with him. This resulted in the man hitting his head pretty severely (according to reports).

When Louis got back to his feet, he noticed Eleanor had been surrounded by a group of females, and when Louis rushed over to her, he allegedly shoved one of them off of her.

Airport security then intervened.

Louis was then arrested once cops arrived, and booked for battery.

RadarOnline has obtained EXCLUSIVE video of the incident which you can see HERE

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