Monday, 27 March 2017

'Dancing With The Stars' Recap: First One To Go.....

Welcome to Monday night!!

We were reminded right away that Heather Morris was riding solo tonight, as Maks didn't make his entrance alongside her. We would be learning more later in the night.

We also learned that we would lose our first couple tonight following last nights votes.

Let's jump right into the fun!!

1. Nancy Kerrigan and Artem - Cha Cha

It's such a joy to see Nancy having so much fun, and coming off high from her debut last week, this was good. The judges picked up on a bit of a misstep near the beginning, but she carried on pretty well. Was this as strong as last week? No, but it won't hurt her. Nancy could be sticking around for awhile.

The judges gave them four 7's.

28 out of 40

2. Erika Jayne and Gleb - Foxtrot

Following the criticism from Len last week that they were bringing too much sex appeal to the dancefloor, the duo were refusing to clean anything up.

Erika floated across the stage during her foxtrot, and she looked absolutely stunning doing so. Her lines were great, and she really seemed to grasp the routine.

The judges were pretty much unanimous in their critiques, giving them a lot of praise and telling Erika she did a great job.

Four 7's!!

28 out of 40 

3. Charo and Keo - Paso Doble

Would they be able to improve their 5's from last week? Charo was confident seeing as they were getting a dance she knew!!

As per usual, I'm exhausted just by Charo being herself. The woman is full of so much exuberance, but that's why we love her.

The judges all heaped praise on the pop culture icon, saying she had improved over last week, and commended her for her out going personality.

Big jump from last week with three 6's and a 7 from Julianne!!

25 out of 40

4. Nick Viall and Peta - Foxtrot

Once again, Nick impressed me, but there were a few bumps. Len wasn't having anything of the routine, while Carrie Ann and Julianne told Nick he needed to calm down on the floor and concentrate. While Peta threw in a lot of material into the dance, it didn't impress our head judge.

But does anything?

The judges' scores were two 7's from Carrie Ann and Julianne, a 6 from Bruno....

And a 5 from Len.

25 out of 40 

5. Heather Morris and Alan - Jive

We got footage of Heather and Maks in rehearsal, where Maks seemed to pull something early on.

We still have no word on how serious Maks' injury is, but what we did get was an explosive jive from Heather and Alan!! We even got some of the female troupe members joining her on the dancefloor!

Of course, Len ripped the hip hop breakdown apart, saying we all know Heather can dance like that. He said it didn't help the routine. The other judges disagreed, saying it showed transition, and that it's not as easy as everyone thinks it is and that Heather belongs there.

Three 8's and a 6 from Len.

30 out of 40

6. Bonner Bolton and Sharna - Viennese Waltz

So these two are dating already right?

Either way, this waltz was absolutely stunning from beginning to end, and Sharna may have already brought out the dancer in Bonner.

Yours truly loved the routine so much, and the judges echoed my sentiments. But would it bring a smile to Len's face?


He said Bonner was too timid in the routine, and didn't showcase anything,

Two 8's from the ladies, a 7 from Bruno and a 6 from Len.

29 out of 40

7. Simone Biles and Sasha - Cha Cha

Setting the ballroom on fire!!!

Our little Olympian firecracker exploded tonight, and the routine was absolutely sensational!!

Of course, Carrie Ann picked up on one step that Simone missed which threw her off just a tad. Still, they received great scores of three 7's and an 8 from Bruno.

29 out of 40 

8. Chris Kattan and Witney - Jazz

At the beginning of the video package, Chris opened up about his health issues with his back, which brought his partner to tears. Still, Chris wanted to prove he could still have fun out there. The judges praised Chris for being so open, and while they still have to judge fairly, they all commended him on how much of an improvement it was over last week.

Two 6's and two 5's.

22 out of 40 

9. Normani Kordei and Val - Cha Cha

Talk about a NUMBER!!

Not even jet lag could keep the Fifth Harmony member down, as she dominated the dance floor with Val and it was incredible.

Their moves, their chemistry, everything just clicked.

And even Len loved it!!

Four 8's!

32 out of 40

10. Rashad Jennings and Emma - Viennese Waltz

After his massive debut last week, all eyes were on Rashad, and he didn't disappoint. He completely owned the routine and led Emma, which really impressed the judges. They awarded them four 8's for their routine.

32 out of 40 

11. Mr. T and Kym - Paso Doble

Anyone else feel really bad for Kym?

I appreciate Mr. T coming on 'Dancing With the Stars', but there doesn't seem to be any effort happening at all.

He seems to just be going through the motions, and Kym is trying so hard to bring more out of him. There doesn't seem to be any connection at all.

Yes, I'm aware of the mans age, but look at Charo. She's moving so much, and he doesn't seem to be moving at all.

The judges awarded them two 5's and two 6's.

22 out of 40 

12. David Ross and Lindsay - Cha Cha

Not a lot of cha cha, but was anybody else highly entertained!?

David once again stormed the dance floor, and he and Lindsay had so much fun. Unfortunately, it didn't appear the judges were on board this week. While they agreed it was fun to watch, it needed more material and less camp.

Three 7's and a 6 from Len.

27 out of 40 was time for some elimination news.

The couples in jeopardy were:

Chris and Witney
Charo and Keo

But it was time.

The couple leaving the competition in week 2......

Chris and Witney

The 'Saturday Night Live' alum had to say goodbye, and it really was a shame.

Were you guys surprised with the elimination?

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