Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Actress Lola Kirke SLAMS Taylor Swift: She "May As Well Have Voted For Trump"

Considering her sister Jemima stars in 'Girls' alongside Taylor's BFF Lena Dunham....

This is kind of major.

Actress Lola Kirke is throwing shade at Taylor Swift in a new interview for 'VOGUE' magazine. Kirke discusses Swift staying silent during the 2016 election, and what she thinks it means.

While initially keeping her comment neutral, it didn't take long for Lola to specify Taylor as her target:

"For me, it's really important to elevate voices and causes that don't get as much attention with whatever attention I get,"

I totally understand why some people won't do that; I definitely think that there are certain celebrities who really could offer more help to grassroots movements with their power ----- and don't."

"Yeah, like Taylor fucking Swift, who may as well have voted for Trump, as far as I'm concerned, by not doing anything."


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