Friday, 24 February 2017

We Need To Talk About THAT Major 'Nashville' Death!!


How we doing 'Nashville' fans? 

Last nights episode concluded with a major turning point for the series, unfortunately resulting in the death of a beloved character.


Here it is: 


Following last weeks car accident, Rayna ultimately succumbed to her injuries, surrounded by Deacon and her girls. 

While star Connie Britton had told fans previously that she was on board with the move to CMT, we all know now that that wasn't entirely true:

"It really wasn't about being on ABC or CMT at all. None of the reasoning behind it had anything to do with network," 
"There were a lot of different factors that played into it; it was a cumulative thing. I don't need to go into great detail about what that was but for me, it felt like the timing was important and my No. 1 priority was the show and making sure that it was done in the right way," 

She also said that had the show stayed on ABC, she would left as well. 

Are you guys shocked and upset that Rayna died? 

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