Saturday, 18 February 2017

VIDEO: Aaron Carter Attacked Onstage Following Alleged Racial Slur

Let's explain.

Aaron Carter was in Bradley, Illinois Friday night, performing tracks off of his new EP when things took a bit of a nasty turn.

The opening act for Aaron was a band called ILL State, and during Aaron's set, a member of the band was goofing around in the crowd, seemingly causing problems.

Aaron then asked security to remove the man from the building, and they did just that, but not before Aaron got in a snarky comment:

"Bye Felipe", which Aaron credits as being the male version of "Bye Felicia". The problem with this, is the band member was Hispanic, and took the comment as a racial slur.

The man then returned inside afterwards and went after Aaron, which left the pop star a bloody mess and one hospital trip later.

Aaron has since tweeted:

You can see footage of the initial altercation below:

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