Friday, 3 February 2017

Lady Gaga Says She WON'T Mention Trump During Super Bowl Halftime Show

With the audience she'll have?!


Lady Gaga spoke openly about her upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show performance in a new radio interview, and she caught yours truly off guard by stating she WILL NOT be talking about President Trump.

“No. That’s not what the show is about. The show is something that is coming from my heart to everyone in America that I love so much. This is my country and I’m proud to be a pop star from this country. I’ve travelled the whole world and it’s still something special to be from America. I want people that watch the Halftime show that Pepsi Zero Sugar is putting on with us to feel the greatness of the USA. That part of it will be there,”

Mother Monster was pressed further however, even being reminded how massive her audience will be: 

“Because I know I have a bigger stage that day, and I’ve had a lot of really big stages that I’m very grateful for, you know the power of your voice. And I would like to use that power to bring people together on that day. Saying anything divisive is only going to make things worse. And that’s just not what I want for our country. So, I’m going to take the stage with the wonderful dignity and love that my mother instilled in me when I was very little, and just do this one for the kids in America.” kind of disappointing to be honest.

She's always been a vocal person, and has the opportunity to REALLY go off on the President....

So, maybe she's keeping that secret until the big day?

Let's hope.

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