Sunday, 12 February 2017

Country Legend Loretta Lynn: Women's March Needed To Show "More Class"; Says To "Let Trump Do His Job"

This is interesting.

Country legend Loretta Lynn is nominated for a Grammy tonight for Best Country Album, but won't be in attendance.

The 84 year old recently spoke out about the annual awards show, but also took a moment to address what everyone else is talking about:

President Trump and the recent Women's March.

Starting with the Women's March, Lynn took aim at Madonna and Ashley Judd:

"I think a march is fine," she says. "But I thought that Madonna and Ashley Judd ... they got a little too far out. They should have done it with more class. For God's sake, march if you want to, but do it with class."

And then? 

This nugget about Trump:

"I think they ought to leave him alone and let him do his job. That's what I think. He's up there and he's the president. They need to help him, not hinder him. Everybody ought to pitch in and help, do everything they can to help the man."


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