Sunday, 19 February 2017

Celebrity Feud Alert: Kanye West Vs Drake

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During one of his 'Saint Pablo' tour last year, Kanye West went on a rant about radio stations overplaying mainstream rap artists such as Drake and DJ Khaled.

In a new radio interview, Drake decided to respond to West:

"I think everybody has their own little things going on. I'm not really sure what he's referring to half the time because, in the same breath, I went from working on a project with him to him sort of, like, publicly s--ting on me and DJ Khaled for being on the radio too much,"

"When I hear that, I just distance myself from it,"

"If that's what it is, I don't even really understand the point you're trying to make, but whatever it is that you're going through, I accept it. I don't respect it at all. Me and Khaled are both just, like, good people. I'm not really sure why we're the target of your choice that you made that night. But again, I accept what you're going through."

I completely understand Drake wanting to defend himself, but he's kind of insulting West over his hospitalization.


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