Monday, 20 February 2017

Aaron Carter's Attacker SPEAKS OUT: Says Singer Hurled Racial Slur; Wants Apology

Well, this guy isn't backing down.

News broke a few days ago that Aaron Carter was attacked on stage in Illinois, after he allegedly made a racial slur to a member of the opening act.

ILL State member Haze Carbajal is standing by his original story, saying Aaron's "Bye Felipe" was indeed a racial slur and not just an expression. He says he felt offended and had to retaliate.

He's also claiming that the band were the only Hispanics at the show, which made Aaron's words more hurtful.

Carter is standing by, saying he never said anything racist.

Check out Haze's response below:


  1. Oh shut up you moron!! You've been reported, you're going to jail! #byefeilipe