Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Mickey Rourke GOES OFF On Donald Trump: "He's A Bully And A Bitch"

WARNING: NSFW language!!!

Mickey Rourke has never been one to hold his tongue, and most recently, when asked about President elect Donald Trump, the actor unleashed.

While catching up with TMZ, Rourke went on an expletive tirade against Trump (and Melania), and you can read the entire exchange below, as well as watch the video:

"The biggest scumbag on the planet is that maggot with an 'F' in the front of it, Donald Trump," 

"Fuck him. Fuck the horse he rode in on. I think that his wife is one of the biggest gold diggers around. I know, I used to go out with a gold digger. I mean, how could you want to sleep next to that flabby, fat piece of shit and get your rocks off?"

"Donald Trump can go fuck himself," 

"He's not a tough guy. He's a bully and he's a bitch, and he can suck my fucking dick. I'll meet him in the hotel room any motherfucking day of the week and give him a Louisville Slugger. Kiss my motherfucking ass, you bitch, punk, cocksucker."

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