Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Carl Reiner Remembers Mary Tyler Moore: "Her Grace Was Unmistakable"

So many tributes pouring in.

Following Mary Tyler Moore's passing, 'Dick Van Dyke Show' creator Carl Reiner is remembering the legendary actress.

Speaking with 'Variety', Carl said:

“She was grace personified. She could never take a wrong step,” 

 “The fact that she started out as a dancer was indicative of everything she did after that. Her grace was unmistakable. I saw it the first time she walked into my office.”

Reiner also discussed his last time with Mary, as her eyesight had nearly completely gone (from her diabetes battle):

  “She didn’t recognize me until she heard my voice, and then we hugged and talked awhile,” 

While she was obviously suffering, “she still looked beautiful — she was still Mary Tyler Moore.”

RIP Mary

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