Friday, 20 January 2017

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell Praises President Trump: Says He'll Do "Many Great Things"


Crushing my boy band heart, Backstreet Boy member Brian Littrell is throwing some praise towards newly appointed President Donald Trump.

Speaking to TMZ, Brian said:

“Hollywood needs to chill out, all right? You’re talking about the commander-in-chief, right? We’re talking about respect," 
"They asked me to ask the guys to sing. It just didn’t work out. I would’ve been there if I could’ve. But we’re starting rehearsals for our Vegas show. So it’s like it just couldn’t happen.”
“He’s gonna do so many great things, in my opinion…I have faith in the system. I have faith in his character, his beliefs, and his balls. Let’s just put it that way.”
Backstreet Boys are officially cancelled. 

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