Friday, 2 December 2016

Ranking Britney Spears' 9 Studio Albums

It's Britney's birthday bitch.

In honor of Britney Spears' 35th birthday, PopGoesTheArts thought we would compile our thoughts and rank her 9 studio albums from worst to best.

And by "worst", it's never THAT bad.....but we gotta rank them!!

Let's just assume all of you diehard Brit fans know which album is going to be #9!

Here we go:

9. Britney Jean (Album #8)

Hyped as "her most personal album yet", the media really got on board with pushing the comeback story once again. On the heels of stellar lead single 'Work Bitch', came a very lacklustre album pushed by producer Will.I.Am. The entire Britney army would like to tell him to stay away from our girl FOR THE REST OF TIME.

Best Song: Work Bitch

8. Femme Fatale (Album #7)

This was hard for yours truly, because I really did love this album. Brit came hard with lead single 'Hold It Against Me' and 'Til The World Ends', but the problem with the album was the cohesively, it didn't flow. The album was chalk full of hits, but they weren't released as single (#JusticeForInsideOut) and instead we got the fun, boppy 'I Wanna Go'. The album also could have taken a real risk by releasing 'How I Roll' as a single, but never did.

Best Song: 'How I Roll'/'Inside Out'

7. Baby One More Time (Album #1)

Okay, so this may draw some ire from fans being so long in the ranking, but hear me out:

This is the album that introduced our Louisiana native to the world, so for that, I'm eternally grateful. However, quite simply put, her other albums are far superior. Brit really gave the music scene a burst of bubblegum and set her place in history as one of the all time greats.

Best Song: 'Baby One More Time'

6. Circus (Album #6)

With one of my all time favorite lead singles, 'Circus' saw a return to form for Britney, and the result was a career highlight. 'Womanizer' saw our beloved pop superstar break records, while the album was full of smash hits. ('Circus', 'Mannequin', 'Out From Under'). Again though, the problem was the songs the label chose to release. 'Out From Under' or 'Unusual You' would have been perfect, but instead they opted for the tongue in cheek 'If U Seek Amy'. Still, a solid album.

Best Song: 'Womanizer'

5. Oops! I Did It Again (Album #2)

Is this going to get negative feedback as well?

Garnering the massive self titled single, Brit proved she was a master of the pop scene with album #2.

Not only did we get the killer lead single, the album also delivered 'Stronger', 'Lucky', and 'Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know'.

Best Song: 'Stronger'

4. Britney (Album #3)

This is where it gets REALLY hard, because this album could have easily been included in the top 3, but alas, just missed out.

Britney had officially grown up for her 3rd effort, with lead single 'Slave 4 U', and 'Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman'. And can we also remember it was around this time, we got the iconic 'Crossroads'??

Best Song: 'Slave 4 U'/'Lonely'

3. Glory (Album #9)

Here it is. The top 3.

Britney brought everything and more when she delivered her 9th studio album. While lead single 'Make Me' was a change of pace, the album as a whole truly reinvented our girl. She embraced different sounds, while keeping true to the artist that she is. It will forever rank as one of her highest achievements among her fans.

Best Song: 'Slumber Party'/'Hard To Forget Ya'/'Just Luv Me

2. Blackout (Album #5)


Yours truly kind of surprised himself, but going back to this album and the #1 (which I'm sure you all know now) made me realize.

'Blackout' was released during the darkest days of Britney's personal/professional life, and there's no need to dive more into that. Following her infamous VMAs performance of 'Gimme More', the fandom didn't know what to expect next.

And what we got, surpassed every expectation we had.

'Blackout' will be Britney's crowning achievement and it will be hard for her to top it in the years to come. While it may not rank as OUR personal #1, it's viewed as her best album to date.

Best Song: 'Gimme More'/'Toy Soldier'

1. In The Zone (Album #4)

Our favorite Britney Spears album!!

When you have an album with songs 'Toxic'.....'Outrageous'.....'The Hook Up'.....'BREATHE ON ME'....

You get my point.

Keep in mind, in 2016, Britney performed a non-single track (Breathe on Me) on national TV for the world to see. This album solidified Britney's sexual persona at the time. It was also responsible for her epic ABC special.

Bottom line?

It bears repeating:


Best Song: 'Breathe On Me'/\Toxic'/'The Hook Up

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