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PopGoesTheArts Presents: Best/Worst Songs Of 2016

We've got another countdown for you all, and this one is a DOUBLE!!

While you've already checked out our Top 10 Albums of 2016, we're now going to give you all our picks (yes, OUR PICKS) for the Top 10 best and worst songs.

Up first?


10. Private Show - Britney Spears

Love this girl....and the album is still #1......but this song....


9. Ain't Your Mama - Jennifer Lopez 

I need dance floor FIRE from this woman....not this.

8. Me Too - Meghan Trainor

Everything about this....just no.

7. A-Yo - Lady Gaga

Look, I'm going to admit something here:

SOME of 'Joanne' has grown on me.....I don't hate 'Perfect Illusion' or 'Million Reasons'.....

But this?

Oh, I hate 'A-Yo'.

6. M.I.L.F. $ - Fergie

The first time I listened to Fergie's comeback single, I was on a high that our Duchess had returned to us.

Multiple listens however, have left a very bad taste in my mouth. This woman is capable of more.

5. Bad Things - MGK featuring Camila Cabello

Camila struck gold with her Shawn Mendes duet 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', simply because the chemistry worked. THIS chemistry does not.

And Camila is better than this. She's the breakout star of Fifth Harmony. Mark my words.

Just no more of this.

4. 7 Years - Lukas Graham

I've tried not to be overly shady while writing up this list, but it's hard.

The end.

3. Don't Wanna Know - Maroon 5 featuring Kendrick Lamar



2. Work - Rihanna

Okay, so here's where I may get some flack...but hear me out.

'ANTI' grew on me so much, and I recognize it's greatness. Upon further reflection, it's RiRi's best work since 'Rated R'. and should be viewed as such. However, while many of you think 'Work' is a bop.....

I simply can't bring myself to it.

1. Closer - Chainsmokers 

The song that dominated the year....the charts.....EVERYTHING.

And it's my pick for the absolute worst of the year!!


10. That's My Girl - Fifth Harmony

So, while their new album could easily be looked over, and 'Work From Home' is still kind of overrated for yours truly, this song was the female anthem I needed. THAT CHORUS IS EVERYTHING. 

9. STARBOY - The Weeknd

Production at its finest!! 

8. FAB - JoJo

My beloved JoJo returned with a vengeance in 2016, and while I really could have picked a handful of songs from her killer album 'Mad Love', this track in particular stood out. Add in Remy Ma's slick, verse, and it's our absolute favorite. 

7. Versace On The Floor - Bruno Mars

Bruno tapped into his inner MJ with this smooth, velvety number. His vocals are perfection, while the production makes this one a personal standout on '24K Magic'.

6. Hurts - Emeli Sande

Emeli shocked yours truly with this heavy handed bop, and that snap, clap heavy chorus drew us in from the very first listen. 

5. Like I Would - Zayn

'Mind Of Mine' is a great solo debut for the former One Direction member, but 'Like I Would' stood out. The beat was extremely radio friendly, resulting in multiple spins. 

4. Formation - Beyonce

Some may have picked 'All Night' as their favorite 'Lemonade' track of the year, but it's still the lead single that sticks with us. While 'Freedom' was a close second, the lyrics here are what carry it home. No one had more swagger in 2016 than Bey. 

3. To The Hilt - Banks

Those vocals. That bridge. The heartbreak. 

Banks' 'The Altar' is an exquisite work of art, with 'To The Hilt' the shining moment. 

2. Slumber Party -Britney Spears

My girl made both the best and worst!!

Some may call the addition of Tinashe not needed for the already, but do you think I'm going to complain about it?

'Slumber Party' was already one of the standout tracks on 'Glory', and adding Tinashe was the cherry on top!

1. Into You - Ariana Grande


Congrats to Ariana!!


  1. You know, there are even more amazing songs out there... (Hear me out...this song deserves the success that 'Closer' had; at least Phoebe Ryan doesn't OVERSING as much as Halsey does...) (Simply Electrifying) (Although it somewhat sounds basic, I dare you not to bob your head on this one) (Who knew that a simple kiss could sound so good?)

    Oh, & uh...

    It appears that a certain song is missing...(


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