Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Kathy Griffin BOOS Megyn Kelly During Event After She Praises Donald Trump

She didn't jut boo her.....

She flipped her off!!

During the 'Hollywood Reporter' Women in Entertainment event this morning, Fox News host Megyn Kelly was subjected to boos from one person in particular:

Kathy Griffin!

During Megyn's speech, while being at odds with President Elect Donald Trump during the campaign, she praised Donald, saying:

"I have high hopes for him. Despite the tweets and all the rest of it, there is much to admire about Donald Trump,"

While the room wasn't quite sure how to react, Kathy knew exactly how to. 

"F*ck him" she shouted, and then when Megyn called Kathy out.....

Kathy flipped her off!

What do you guys think of this? Was Kathy out of line? 

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