Monday, 12 December 2016

Former 'American Idol' Contestant Michael Simeon SUES: Claims Ear Injury

This....sounds a bit ludicrous if you ask me.

Michael Simeon made headlines when he auditioned for season 14 of 'American Idol', due to the fact that he slow danced with judge Jennifer Lopez.

Well, Simeon is making news again, but in quite the different way.

Michael is suing the show for screwing up his hearing, saying it's had an effect on his career.

Simeon's story goes like this:

He claims that at one point during the show, he was fitted for an earpiece that caused him severe pain, and when he complained about it, he says an audiologist yanked it out so hard, it ruptured his eardrum.

He also adds that all producers did was send him to a room, where he sat for 5 hours.

No word on the amount he is seeking.

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