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My Thoughts On 'Teen Wolf' Final Season Premiere

Well, the last ride has officially begun.

Yours truly has taken some time to really process the premiere of 'Teen Wolf' from Tuesday night, and I've finally figured out what I need to say.

Will this be turning into a weekly recap like I've done with previous seasons? Probably not unfortunately, but I'll dive into that more in a bit.

Earlier seasons of the show, while always entertaining, were driven by the likability of the cast and Jeff Davis making us fall in love with these characters naturally. We've seen many of them come and go (Allison, Derek, Jackson) and replaced with others (Liam, Hayden, Malia). The constants of the show however, (and this isn't a knock on star Tyler Posey) have always been Stiles and Lydia.

Holland Roden is such a gifted actress, and she's really shown growth when it comes to Lydia. We've seen her come so far from being that mean girl, to a powerful member of the group. She commands the screen whenever she's on.

That now leads us into the incredibly talented Dylan O'Brien.

The premiere was anchored by Dylan's portrayal of Stiles. We've always come to love his goofy behavior and pining after Lydia, but the growth and maturity in his acting continues to astound me. I've said it before and I'll say it again:


Just look at the premiere. Stiles' realization that his friends and even his own father have forgotten him was very powerful material. Dylan didn't need to say one word, as the emotion was all over his face.

The problem with the premiere however, was the focus on Hayden/Liam/Mason. There's no need, in a final season, to focus on the secondary characters we don't feel connected to. There are rumors swirling that we could see Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) and Colton Haynes (Jackson) reappear before the series end. It would also be magical to see Crystal Reed (Allison) return in some form as well.

Will I be recapping?

Probably not. I want to take this final season in, and really see if it connects to the earlier seasons. But who knows, maybe I'll pop in once and awhile.

Now I want to hear from all of you:



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