Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Kanye West Update: Anniversary Of Mother's Funeral Triggered Nervous Breakdown

We're getting another update on Kanye West, and it's the most heartbreaking yet.

As Kanye West remains hospitalized, we're now learning more information as to what pushed him over the edge and ultimately caused his breakdown.

Sources are saying Kanye was becoming a "powder keg" of emotions, dealing with an extreme lack of sleep, the pressure of his tour, parenting and helping his wife cope with her terrifying Paris ordeal.

But their was a bigger trigger:

The anniversary of his mother Donda's death, and her funeral.

Donda passed away back in 2007, and her funeral landed on November 20th....the same day Kanye cancelled his concert at the LA Forum. The next day, Kanye cancelled the remaining dates of his tour, and then hours later suffered his breakdown.

Those close to Kanye are saying he's never truly grieved his mother's death, and he's always struggled in the month of November. This time however, it was all too much.

Reports previously surfaced about family wanting Kanye released, but that has been proved false. Doctors actually believed he could have been released on Monday, but his condition has not improved.

There's currently no timeline as to when he'll go home.

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