Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Diva No More? Ariana Grande Loses Reputation During 'Hairpspray Live!' Filming

Could we see a different Ariana Grande?

Time will tell.

Over the past few years, pop superstar and vocal powerhouse Ariana Grande has taken on quite the diva reputation. It appears now however, while filming the upcoming 'Hairspray Live!', she may have dropped it.

Writer for the special, and also star Harvey Fierstein was quick to put any diva rumors on set to rest:

“Ariana is here working her tail off. She is a total team player. She is old-school, singing and dancing. Her only concern is being part of the ‘Hairspray’ team. If that’s diva, then give me more of that!”

Echoing what Harvey had to say, another source on set explained: 

“We didn’t know what to expect, but she has been on time to the minute . . . The work she’s done has been meticulous. She is singing the s - - t out of the score.”

Is this just for the special.....or has Ariana really decided to drop the behavior problems? 

We'll see!! 

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