Monday, 17 October 2016

Russell Crowe/Azealia Banks Update: Reports Claim Banks Was Erratic

This story just took a turn. 

Yesterday, news broke that Azealia Banks had gotten into a physical altercation with Russell Crowe, with the rapper posting her version of events on Facebook.

Now we're hearing more.

The incident occurred this past Saturday night, where Russell had invited roughly 10 people to have dinner and listen to music. This took place in his Beverly Hills Hotel suite.

One of the guests, rapper RZA, brought along Azealia as his "plus 1".

Things began to take a turn, when eye witnesses said once Russell started playing music, Azealia became unhinged and laughing at the selection. She allegedly even called Russell and some of his friends "boring white men".

When a female friend tried to shut Banks down......

She allegedly WENT OFF.

She referenced grabbing a glass, breaking it and stabbing all of the guests, all the while dropping the N word repeatedly. Russell was said to have been calm during this, but when Banks grabbed a glass, he had enough.

Russell reportedly grabbed Banks in a bear hug, and forcibly removed her from his suite. He then called security who had her removed from the hotel grounds.

More than 4 guests have come forward, corroborating this account.

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