Friday, 21 October 2016

Anne Hathaway Discusses Her Infamous 2013 Awards Run: "I Felt Very Uncomfortable"

Well.....this is interesting.

Back in 2013, Anne Hathaway steamrolled her way through awards season, picking up nearly every single trophy for her role in 'Les Miserables'.

During this time though, Anne came under media scrutiny for her seemingly phony behavior whenever she won.

Speaking out now, she says:

“I felt very uncomfortable,” 

“You win an Oscar and you’re supposed to be happy. I didn’t feel that way. I felt wrong that I was standing there in a gown that cost more than some people are going to see in their lifetime, and winning an award for portraying pain that still felt very much a part of our collective experience as human beings.”

“I tried to pretend that I was happy and I got called out on it, big time,”  

"That’s the truth and that’s what happened. It sucks.”

“What you learn from it is that you only feel like you can die from embarrassment, you don’t actually die,”

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