Saturday, 11 June 2016

Witness Shares Heartbreaking Moment Shooter Approached Christina Grimmie

This is so sad.....and also infuriating, which I'll explain after.

An eyewitness to the tragic shooting of Christina Grimmie has spoken to 'People' magazine, and revealed the exact moment Kevin James Lobeil opened fire.

Destiny Rivera was actually behind Kevin in line waiting to meet Christina, and at one point made eye contact with him. She told the publication that Kevin 'didn't look like he was up for conversation', and also looked 'a little bit nervous'.

When it was Kevin's turn to meet Christina, she rose from her chair and extended her arms for a hug, like she did all of her fans.....

When Kevin pulled out the gun and opened fire.


And now for the infuriating part.

Destiny told 'People' that there was in fact security at the venue, but said that they WERE NOT checking everyone's bags:

“Our other friend actually did have a bag and, just ordinary force of habit, was unzipping her bag and getting ready to show him, and he was like, ‘no, you’re fine, you’re good. Just go,’ ”


We lost a very talented young girl, simply because security didn't do their job. 

Get ready for a lawsuit. 

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