Saturday, 11 June 2016

Update On The Murder Of Christina Grimmie: Police Reveal New Details

This is so horrifying and tragic.

By now, you're all aware of the tragic death of season 6 'Voice' contestant/singer Christina Grimmie at the age of 22.

Previous details were that an unknown man approached Christina during an autograph signing, and opened fire. Her brother Marcus Grimmie then tackled the shooter to the ground, and before police arrived, the gunman shot himself. Following his death and the cops arrival, they discovered he had 2 guns on him, as well as magazines and a hunting knife.

Happening right now, police are revealing more details of the tragedy, saying it appears the man had no connection to her and was a complete stranger. They also revealed the gunman had seemingly made plans to travel back home after committing the act. They're currently going through his cell phone/computer in order to find out more information.

There were no metal detectors at the venue where the concert had taken place, but cops are saying bags were checked upon entry. There's no word if the gunman attended the concert or simply arrived after.

They're not releasing any details surrounding the extent of Christina's injuries that led to her death until they meet with her parents.

Such a tragic story, and an end to a beautifully talented young girl.

RIP Christina.

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