Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Rep For Richard Simmons Says Transitioning Rumors Are NOT True

It came from the 'National Enquirer' nobody should have believed it in the first place!!

After Richard Simmons was hospitalized last week under mysterious circumstances, many began wondering if we were being told the truth regarding his health.

Some speculated a stroke, although there were reports that it was simply dehydration. What caused speculation to run more rampant, was that sources had previously said Richard had left the hospital sooner than he actually had.

Leave it to trash magazine 'National Enquirer' to then run a story that Richard was actually undergoing surgery to transition to a woman.

A rep for the fitness legend spoke out saying:

“The story is a complete fabrication and not true,”

Richard has long been out of the spotlight, with many claiming it's due to years worth of injuries. 

Richard has yet to publicly speak out since the hospitalization. 

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