Friday, 10 June 2016

Amber Heard To Miss Deposition Due Film Costume Fitting ridiculous.

Amber Heard will NOT be sitting down for a deposition prior to her domestic assault case against Johnny Depp, and we've learned why.

Lawyer for Depp, Laura Wasser, turned up today in front of a judge demanding that Amber meet for a  deposition, because at this point, Amber hasn't made herself available.

Amber's lawyer, Samantha Spector explained to a judge that Amber is currently in New Jersey for a friend's engagement, and right from there, heading to London for a costume fitting for her upcoming film 'Justice League'. Samantha continued that Amber won't be back until Thursday night, meaning hours before Friday's scheduled court appearance.

Johnny's legal team is irate about the claims, also adding that up until today, NOBODY has mentioned the costume fitting. They're claiming Amber simply doesn't want to sit down for the hard hitting questions.

Both sides are currently involved in a settlement discussion, with sources claiming Johnny's team has extended an offer, but no answer from Amber.

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