Friday, 27 May 2016

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Divorce: Everything We Know

Y'all were warned this was going to get messy....


When news broke that Amber Heard had filed for divorce from Johnny Depp after a year of marriage, many chalked it up to the usual Hollywood romance coming to an end.

Today however, things took an interesting turn when Amber arrived in court to get an emergency restraining order over her estranged husband....

And showed photos of herself with a massive bruise on her face:

She accused Johnny of throwing an iPhone at her.

Due to the nature of the photos, the judge granted the order, and now Johnny must stay 100 yards away from her. Amber's allegations stem from an incident on May 20th, when the couple engaged in a verbal battle. Amber states that Johnny smashed his phone into her face, and then proceeded to go berserk around the house, smashing things. Amber was on the phone with a friend, who called 911.

Now the story gets interesting.

When the cops arrived, Johnny had already taken off, and when the cops asked her what happened, she NEVER mentioned Johnny struck her. Not a single mention of physical assault.

This is the photo she presented in court:

Now, it's very true that the bruising could have shown more over the course of the night, but cops say she looked absolutely fine, if not distraught.

The other catch, is that Amber was tagged in a photo alongside friends on Sunday, and no markings were visible, but again, her hair is over her face. The photo was deleted earlier today after it was mentioned in the media.

Johnny's camp is calling Amber's accusations a downright lie, saying she is making up the whole story.

Stay tuned as this unfolds.

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  1. That photo was from a week before, just the same as some photos of her leaving a Tifanny store were said to be the 1st ones after she asked for the divorce, but then it was confirmed they were from last month.

    More, there are no official statement from the police, it's all coming from TMZ sources.