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Teen Wolf Recap: The Beast Of Beacon Hills

After last weeks WHOPPER of an ending, I'm wasn't quite sure I was ready for tonight's 'Teen Wolf'.....

But here we are.

If you'll all recall, last weeks episode concluded with Scott and Liam following the scent of the Beast back to a car, finding bloody shoes in the trunk. The car belonged to....


Before the two werewolves could react, Corey appeared out of nowhere and disappeared with Mason to Scott's and Liam's horror.

The episode kicked off with Corey keeping Mason hidden underground, and Corey reminding him of all the times he disappeared. Mason insisted he wasn't a Chimera, but Corey explained to him that he couldn't be sure.

 Mason didn't want to believe he was the Beast, but it was getting harder to deny. It didn't take long for the Dread Doctors to find them though, and a chase began in the tunnels. They almost made it to safety, and just when they thought they were in the clear, the Doctors stopped them in their tracks, knocking Corey out and taking Mason with them.


We were going to have to wait to find out their plans for Mason, as we were back in the lair with Theo and his pack (and Deucalion).

Their leader was trying to convince Josh to put on the Dread Doctor's mask, in order to find out who the Beast was.

Meanwhile, Lydia was teaming up with the Stilinkski's, trying to stop Parrish from leaving Beacon Hills. Finally cutting him off, they fought valiantly to convince him to stay, reminding him that they needed his help to find Mason and stop everything from happening.

While waiting for Scott to heal from his fight with the Beast, Braeden and Malia broke some unfortunate news to Stiles:

The Desert Wolf probably had him in her sights.

And finally, we caught up with Liam and Hayden who were desperately trying to find Mson and Corey.

Some pack Scott has.....sleeping through all of their search...and waking up to the entire pack waiting downstairs for him. Just as they began to discuss where to start looking, Scott suggested to the confused group that they ask Corey...before yanking the young Chimera out of his invisibility and demanding to know where Mason was. Corey sadly told them he tried to help, and added that the Doctors had Mason.

Our beloved Mason however?

Was in deep trouble, as the Doctors injected something into the terrified teenager's neck!!

What we all have to remember, is that Mason has NO knowledge of being a Chimera, let alone the Beast. Once he remembers that he IS in fact that, the Doctors may lose some of their power. Let;s just hope it's not too late.....

In a huge twist of the episode, while Theo began to grow frustrated with Deucalion's ramblings, the legend arose to his feet, and informed Theo (and Tracey and Josh) that he was simply biding his time. He revealed he wanted to help Theo, and eventually convinced Theo to take power whenever he could....

Unfortunately, that was from Josh, who Theo viciously stabbed and stole his electric powers. One dead pack member later, Theo began to have the power to put the mask on himself, and we officially had an even bigger problem.

Lydia was meanwhile, attempting to get Parrish back on board with tracking down Mason, and took him to the Nemeton. Flashbacks (or forward?) seemed to send a jolt through the Hellhound, but something did happen as it began to light up.

The episode continued to move at a breakneck pace, as Scott and Liam met up with, shockingly, Theo and Tracey at the school. Theo informed them with the mask on, he was able to see quite a lot, but they needed to work together to find Mason.

Just, they wanted different outcomes.

Deucalion informed Theo that they weren't going to be able to subdue Mson while he was in human form, he needed to be in Beast form. That would require Tracey to use her claws to neutralize it.

The group was separated as Lydia and Stiles holed up at the Sheriff's office to try and track down Mason, while Malia remained with Braeden at Scott's house, due to her mother being on the rampage and searching for her.

While Scott, Liam and Theo ventured out to find Mason, Liam became agitated that they had brought Theo along. Theo reminded him that he wanted the Beast's powers, he didn't want to kill Mason. But what if that did both?

The boys FINALLY found Mason underground, but were devastated to find him hooked up to one of the Dread Doctor's creations.


Does anybody else think it's Sebastian?

We had to wait longer, as we were then with Kira, who was leaving a message for Scott. She informed her werewolf boyfriend that she needed to leave town, but would be back to help.

Back to the action, as confused as the guys were as to what Mason was hooked up to, they were running out of time, because the Dread Doctors were there.

Lydia and Stiles began to get some clues as to Mason's origins, as Melissa arrived and informed them that during his mother's pregnancy, he was a twin.....who he consumed while in the womb.


It was time for yet another battle, as Scott and Theo prepared to protect Mason and rescue him, while fighting off the Dread Doctors.

Malia and Braeden had their own problems, as her mother and Tracey arrived at Scott's house, while Gerard and Chris were on a mission to find the spear that Marie-Jeanne created.

The episode kicked up a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT, as the boys were getting their asses handed to them by the Doctors, Mason horrifyingly transformed into the Beast right in front of their eyes.

My love for Mason is shattering into a million pieces. Being one of my favorite new characters, it was so hard to watch him transform. There HAS to be a way to save him!!!! I don't believe Gerard when he says it can't be done.

I don't WANT to believe it......

We were nearing the end, and were back with Malia and Braeden under attack. Finally, after a hard fought battle, Braeden managed to knock the Desert Wolf off her feet, only to spread mountain ash trapping her inside the house.

While still trying to understand her powers and reign them in, Kira returned to the desert, to face off against the Skinwalkers. She didn't exactly leave on good terms, so how would it go?

We were left hanging with that part, but a drop of good news?

Mason/The Beast was single handedly KILLING the Dread Doctors, before taking off with one of them. The battle wasn't over though, as the Argents and Hellhound Parrish arrived for their own battle, and something definitely happened:

The Beast transformed back to its human form, except it wasn't  Mason:


He took off into the night, much to Scott's horror!!



Until next week everyone!!

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