Tuesday, 22 March 2016

'RuPaul's Drag Race': Roller Skating Realness

That runway is officially in my top 3 ever!!!

Don't ask me the other two, I'd have to put thought into it.

Last night, 'RuPaul's Drag Race' set the bar even higher for outrageous runway moments, and of course, lip sync for you life battles.

Of course, we had to address right away who the person was that RuPaul called at the conclusion of last weeks episode. After eliminating both Dax and Laila, Ru brought Naysha back for a second chance.

The main challenge was an acting challenge, featuring the queens delivering a HILARIOUS spoof of 'Empire', called 'RuCo's Empire'. Most of the ladies brought their A game to the challenge with notable standouts Bob the Drag Queen (improvisations were ON POINT), Thorgy, Kim Chi, and Chi Chi Devayne.

And the others?

Well, here's where my disagreement with the bottom two is what it is.

Derrick absolutely flopped in this challenge and should have been in the bottom two with Cynthia. Even though Robbie flubbed his words, he still managed to show character behind the role he was playing.

The producers of the show clearly knew about Robbie's background in roller skates, so wanted to make the LSFYL interesting, thus putting him against Cynthia. We all knew once it started, that Robbie was going to send Cynthia packing.

Runway critiques:

Bob - That silver/alien type outfit was on point, and I loved it
Thorgy - Serving Olivia Newton-John realness!
Cynthia - Those......shorts.....I have no other words. 
Derrick - Michelle's critique of Derrick is seemingly starting to affect the Britney impersonator, and I agree. The outfit needed to be stronger. 
Ch Chi - LOVED the color. LOVE the hair. Chi Chi is starting to emerge for me
Kim - The outfit was a mess, and I'm surprised Kim didn't fall
Acid Betty - That outfit was a mess and a half. I need more. 
Naysha - Surprised by Naysha in the acting challenge, and the outfit was fine. 
Naomi - I need another outfit that doesn't show off her legs. Gown anyone? 

And can we TALK about our Glamazon Ru rolling out onto the main stage!?

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